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Adriaen Black

Kamia Johnson Tee

$75.00 USD

This amazing shirt was designed by superhero Kamia Johnson from the Chicago-based organization, The Cities Project. For every shirt purchased for the organization’s superheroes, Adriaen Black will match and donate that equal amount to the program.

The Cities Project is a university-based non-profit organization dedicated to mentoring at-risk youth in the Southside of Chicago by helping underprivileged kids in the community get into college through a 10-year mentor program, starting as early as the second grade.  

We were all kids who wanted to be legendary superheroes. Help us make legends of these kids and immortalize their inner superhero.

Superhero Bio

Kamia is a loving, helpful, giving young lady! She enjoys going to the movies, running track, playing football, traveling and hanging out with family and friends. She also loves to read and watch Disney channel. Some of her favorite foods are steak, hot wings and fruit. Kamia is one of a kind with a big heart and joyful smile!

Athlete Sponsor

George Hill @indianageorge3
Cleveland Cavaliers Point Guard