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Adriaen Black


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Backstory: Devoutly spiritual, it's rumored that Kinesis gets her power from the spirits of every powerful spiritual leader from the beginning of time. At 16, Kinesis was born into her powers and is trained by two factions of monks in the hidden country of PanAsia where technology is not used. Her greatest power is mind control through telekinesis and the ability to morph the laws of physics for a short time to travel great distances, look back in to the past or into the future. 
Powers: Turn any object into anything she wants for short periods of time, telekinesis, spiritual time travel, can literally be in two places at once and travels through teleportation.
  • 100% Cotton
  • Vinyl Printing
  • Machine Washable
  • True to size. XS = 2-4, S = 5-6, M = 7-8, L = 10-12