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Adriaen Black

Grecae of Athella

$90.00 USD

Backstory: As the oldest female superhero, Grecae of Athella also known as Mother Time has her origins come from when Gods used to rule the planet in the ancient state of Grece. Having lived a millenia, Mother Time's greatest power is wisdom having seen every culture rise, fall and grow. Though she can't bend time, she has super strength that makes her nearly invincible. When not protecting the planet, Mother Time runs a bookstore that she owns and though her employees don't know it, many are direct lineages to her children born thousands of years ago.

Powers: Super strength that allows her to leap a mile, pick up objects 10,000 times her size or weight, ages at a fraction of any normal persons rate, skin is nearly impenetrable, super senses like hearing, seeing and touch.   

  • 100% Cotton
  • Vinyl Printing
  • Machine Washable
  • True to size. XS = 2-4, S = 5-6, M = 7-8, L = 10-12